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Worlds most customizable keyboard


Profiles allow you to create and store as many keyboard designs as you want. Store your designs in profiles and apply them whenever you. You can think of profiles as themes. You can even set a different language for a different profiles. The possibilities are endless with profiles.

Smart keys

Smart keys is a worlds first. Usually they predefined like if you press and hold the alphabet "q" the number one appears on the screen. With smart keys you can customise this so you can set whatever you want under a particular alphabet. For example you can assign hello to the alphabet "h" so whenever you press and hold "h" hello appears. This can be done for all alphabets from a to z. These can be different for different profiles.

Word Completion Suggestions

As you would expect Colorkeys also features word completion suggestions this means that the moment you press an alphabet 4 possible words are shown that you may want. If you want the word just swipe up on the word.

Change button text size to suite you.

You can make the keyboard text size larger making it easier for you to see the alphabets.

Autocorrect and autocorrect suggestions

Colorskey comes with autocorrect but thats expected whats different here is that if for some odd reason Colorkeys autocorrects to the wrong word and not the one you want four other words as shown and if your word is on the list just swipe up on the word.

Automatically Learns Words

Colorkeys automatically learns words so it doesn't autocorrect a word that you actually want. You also have the power to manually add or remove words, all you have to do is to add a word just swipe to the the right of the space bar and to remove a word just swipe to the left.

Quick Delete

Deleting a word or whatever you typed is faster than ever before with gestures. Swipe left to delete a word or swipe left with two fingers to delete everything you typed. Gestures are fully customizable.

Type and send messages in different fonts

You can now send messages or type in 21 different fonts. This is a first and we know you will love it.


Colorkeys contains many gestures and gesture functions that you can choose that suits you best. For example swipe to the right for a space. Swipe up with two fingers for caps, swipe to the left to delete a words.

The Feature list is endless

The Colorkeys feature list is endless download Colorkeys from the Apple App Store and experience it all.